Legno 2 born in 1973 thanks to the will of the 2 brothers Angelo and Gian Paolo Pasqualetto, from the desire to submit to the market artisanal products inspired to the classical furniture keeping intact the respect of the tradition, typical of the “Brianza”.
Main concept of the company is a selected furniture, elegant, manufactured taking the maximum care into the choice of the wood and with the wise attention to the process and finishes.

With the entrance of Fabio in the recent years, the company developed, thinking to a new concept of furniture where the classic moves to new shapes.

The relation with the classic furniture becomes less rigid and the aim of the owners is to show to the clients a classic production revised in a modern key as demonstration that a product of quality, even if classic or modern remains of high value and keep its capability to live in any time.

Staring from this concept a new exclusive furniture service born from the request of the client and collaboration with architects and designers. The idea becomes drawing and the drawing becomes an artisanal item completely developed and manufactured in the company.
All the collection is completely hand made with particular attention to materials and finishes.
Consol tables, wall mirrors, tables and small tables, living rooms, bedrooms and many others manufactured for the request of the client let us offer a wide range of proposals that combined the past to the present transforming our product made of wood a value without endless.


Our items are realized by hands of expert artisans which tradition pass from a generation to another.
The careful selection of the materials and the attention during the manufacturing let us proud to tell that our products are completely MADE IN ITALY, in the “brianza area”.
For this reason small imperfections are to be considered as a guarantee of the uniqueness of the product.

Selection of raw material:

Particular attention is focused on the choice of the materials made among a wide range of woods and thanks to the job made by our artisans.


Second step into the manufacturing process is a first hand realization of the furniture through a finish completely hand made by our engravers.


Mainly used for tables and small tables, the inlay is made of small pieces of different types of wood, marble and mother pearl that, expertly combined, create drawings full of colors with unique design.


Passed the controls of the first step of production the raw furniture go to the finishing. Expert hands manually polish the products with varnish, gold or silver leaf ..


Once completed the drying process, complements such as sofas, armchairs, chairs and bed headboards pass to the padding process. At this stage, with fine fabrics chosen by the customer, we proceed to the finish.


Once completed the manufacturing process, the furniture is carefully packed keeping particularly attention in order to guarantee the perfect conditions during the transportation and granting the possibility to ship all around the world.